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C++ Programming

C++ is known to be a very powerful language. C++ allows you to have a lot of control as to how you use computer resources, so in the right hands its speed and ability to cheaply use resources should be able to surpass other languages. Thanks to C++'s performance, it is often used to develop game engines, games, and desktop apps. Many AAA title video games are built with C++.

Syllabus :

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Compiler and Interpreter
  • Introduction to OOP
  • Characteristics of OOP
  • Advantages of  OOP
  • Introduction to C++
  • Basic Elements of C++
  • Classes and Objects
  • Scope resolution operator
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Function Overloading
  • Operator Overloading 
  • Overloading the + operator
  • Overloading the ==operator
  • Friend Functions / Classes
  • Overloading << and >>
  • Dynamic Memory Management
  • Constant data member
  • Static data members and Function
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual Base Classes
  • Abstract Class
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Polymorphism
  • Up-casted pointer
  • Working with files
  • Templates
  • Exception Handling
  • Manipulators
  • Graphics

Duration :   

                    Duration of C++ Programming course is 60 Hrs.

Eligibility :   

                     Anyone who is interested in Programming.