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Joomla is a completely free open source solution available to anyone and everyone with a desire to build dynamic and robust sites for a variety of purposes. Joomla has been utilized by some of the Web's most recognizable brands including Harvard, iHop, and MTV. It is capable of carrying out tasks ranging from corporate websites and blogs to social networks and e-commerce.

Syllabus :

  • Introduction to CMS
  • Introduction to Joomla
  • Working with Joomla
  • Installing Wamp Server
  • Joomla Global  Configuration
  • Article Manager
  • Archive Manager
  • FrontPage Manager
  • Section Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Menu  Manager
  • Component  Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Extensions Manager
  • Module Manager
  • Plug-in manager
  • Template Manager
  • Installing a New Manager
  • Installing a New Template
  • Installing a New Plugin9
  • Installing a New Component
  • Understanding the concept of Joomla Positions
  • Changing the Layout structure by changing the module position
  • Understanding Basic Joomla Template
  • Customizing Joomla Template
  • Building Custom Joomla Template
  • Understanding template
  • Creating template Details.xml File using tmpl_builder
  • Linking CSS
  • Linking JavaScript
  • Understanding include
  • Displaying content in XHTML
  • Creating template installation package
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Hanging the Form appearance using CSS

Duration :   

                           Duration of Joomla course is 45 Hrs.

Eligibility :   

                          Anyone who is interested.

Prerequisites :   

                         Student must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP.